Sunday School

Children’s Ministry Information Form for 2017

Children of all ages are invited to sit with their parents at the beginning of the 10:00 am Worship Service in the sanctuary.  Elementary and preschool children are welcome to join Pastor Carol up front during the Children’s Moment.  Children and youth leave the sanctuary after the Children’s Moment for Sunday school.  Classroom locations for each age group are listed in the bulletin.    Child care is available at both services.

The safety of our children is very important to us.  Please ask our Pastor of Christian Education, Pastor Carol Reale, if you have any questions about our “Safe Sanctuaries” policies.

Sunday School

Please note: The Sunday School classrooms are a Peanut-Free zone!  We want to put safety first.



“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and acts on them will be like a wise m

Our New Curriculum!!

Deep Blue Curriculum

Deep Blue is the new awe-inspiring resource for children which includes adventure, exciting stories, science experiments, arts and crafts, animated video storytelling, and active games-all combined into a living–faith experience that will help children discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ today!

They will also come to know the Bible as THEIR book and find ways to let the Bible speak to them.

The student resources-the Bible Story Stuff, the Kids Activity Stuff, and the Deep Blue Kids Bible—are colorful and engaging, encouraging the children to “dive deeper” into the Bible and explore their faith in fun and age-appropriate ways.

Join the fun!

Be a part of our

Sunday school Leadership team!!


Sunday School Balloons



“Claim the Life” brings together the hopes we have for our youth on their spiritual journey.

“Claim the Life” is a six-year, comprehensive spiritual formation plan for youth Sunday school. The annual themes are Journey, Word, and Faith for younger youth; Promise, Story, and Call for older youth. Each year is divided into two 16-week semesters.

Each lesson begins with Tending, an intentional ritual that helps youth develop closer relationships through tending to one another and tending to God at work in their lives and the world.

The planned Teaching content is focused on one word (or phrase) that is significant to the Christian faith (Commitment, Simplicity, Blessing, Peace, Abundant Life, for example).

Each lesson concludes with Sending, an intentional ritual that helps youth create SMART goals, ways in which they will practice some element of being a disciple.

God Bless,

Pastor Carol Reale

Pastor of Christian Education and Family Ministry