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High Spirits provides an opportunity for senior members, guests, and friends of the Church to get together for fun and fellowship.

Meetings are usually held once a month at 12:00 pm on the second Tuesday of each month from September to June.
High Spirits
There are a variety of programs, including pot luck luncheons at the Church, guest speakers, lunch at local restaurants, and visits to places of interest.  Everyone is invited to participate.

The Fellowship Ministry seeks to have every person feel they belong, are included, supported, and are loved, not only in this Church, but in the Kingdom of God.  Our programs are designed to welcome others by sharing the gifts of our time and fellowship in a variety of fun and healthy activities and social programs, and by supporting the activities and missions of other church ministries as well.

The Fellowship Ministry also facilitates familiarity of the church membership, visitors, and friends, and increases awareness of the roles the staff, leaders, and members play through announcements, photos, articles or spotlights on opportunities for fellowship.

Fellowship Ministry



Contact info:
Sandy Knapp

The Women’s Ministry/Bible Study gather in one of our participants’ homes for short-term studies, a Biblenew topic or book to explore every six to eight weeks.

A place for you to connect and reconnect the lines and dots between your life and your faith.
A place to begin and/or continue your spiritual journey.
A place to laugh with old and new friends.
A place to grow deeper in God’s word.
A place to know and be known.

Past studies have featured Why? by Adam Hamilton, Praying in the Messiness of Life, by Linda Douty, and When You come Unglued…Stick Close to God, by Patricia Wilson.  Small group study meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm at the home of Pastor Carol Reale.

Contact info:
Pastor Carol Reale – (401) 884-4221[/spoiler]



  • Chair, Church Council:  Rob Wilson
  • Lay Leaders:  Carol Wheeler and John Vitko
  • Chair, Staff-Parish Relations Ministry:  Rob Thurston
  • Chair, Finance Committee:  David Wilson
  • Treasurer:  Dall Patterson
  • Financial Secretary:  Cheryl Martin
  • President of Trustees Committee:  Matt Cronin
  • Chair, Connections Ministry:  Amanda Rock
  • Chair, Fellowship Ministry:  Sandy Knapp
  • Chair, Missions Ministry:  Leslie Pires
  • Chair, Worship Ministry:  Jill Vitko
  • Chair, Education Ministry:  Deb Nagle
  • Chair, Stewardship Ministry: Tim Swartz
  • Chair, Visitation Team:  Leslie and Steve Huikko
  • Membership Secretary:  Pam Soule
  • Nursery School Board:  Carol Reale and Joanne Behrends

Church Council:  Rob Wilson, Beth Yerger, John Vitko, Gerri August, Laura Wilkinson, Matt Cronin, John Vitko, Amanda Rock, Leslie Pires, Jill Vitko, Deb Nagle, Tim Swartz, Steve and Lesle Huikko, Pam Soule, Carol Reale, Joanne Behrends

Church Council Members at Large:   Al Meyer, Andy Erickson, Larry Stanley, Jon Soule,  Sid Ordog, Sonya Morton-Ranney, Chris Cunniff

Board of Trustees:  Matt Cronin, Bill Behrends, John Almlof, Carol Wheeler, Matt Cronin, Karen Zarlenga, Matt Wojtaszek, David Baker, Roberta Dowding

Trustee Agents:  Dave Caldwell, Joyce McGinn, Roland Nanni, John Vitko

STAFF PARISH RELATIONS MINISTRY:  Gerri August, Jan Larson, Larry Stanley, Bonnie Gray, Heather Flock, Joanne Behrends, Lesly Choinski, Ray England, Rob Thurston

FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Dal Patterson, Barry Pickell, Susan Wilson, Steve Garvey, Ken MacNaught, David Quigley, Cynthia Lawlor, Adam Bessette, Tracy Baker, David Wilson

STEWARDSHIP MINISTRY: Tim Swartz, Al Meyer, Rick Antonelli, Karen Davis, Chuck Sauer,     Larry Stanley, Dal Patterson, Keith Sanzen

EDUCATION MINISTRY:  Deb Nagle, Melita Bush, Penny Steen, Susan Quigley, Mary Margaret Antonelli, Katie Erickson, Leslie Huikko, Betsy Aulisio, Dayna Cantone, Nancy Phillips, Susan Cardones

Connections Ministry:  Amanda Rock, Susan Thurston, Elaine Trench, Linda Sticca, Harolyn Meyer, Linda Richmond,  Jan Larson, Caroline Gangji, Judy Flock, Chuck Sauer

Fellowship Ministry:  Sandy Knapp, Niki Stanley, Pat Garvey, Bonnie Gray,  Linda Richmond,  Kathy Nihill, Ann Ganung, Jan Hyland, SusanJoe Couturier

Missions Ministry:  Leslie Pires, Jan Toolson, Sandra Holloway, Harolyn Meyer,  Carol MacNaught, Linda Bergemann, Rob Wilson

WORSHIP MINISTRY:  Jill Vitko, SusanJoe Couturier, Barbara McCowan, Al Meyer, Pam Lazaeta, Susan Wilson, Jane Isaac, Joyce McGinn

Lay Leadership:  Leslee Sanzen,  SusanJoe Couturier, Chris Phillips, Jill Vitko, Carol MacNaught, Bill Behrends, Susan Thurston